What is a container and what do you need to know about this trend

Do you know what a container is? You probably already have seen some in movies, news or even in your city being used quite irreverently in the architecture of a commercial establishment. Containers have been in the fleet for about 10 years, and in the past, after that period, they got stuck in a “graveyard” […]

Investments guarantee record in Vila do Conde

Terminal paraense da Santos Brasil will receive contributions of R $ 129 million until 2033; in April, landing operation registered 43.25 MPH The Container Terminal of Santos Brasil in Pará, Tecon Vila do Conde, located in the city of Barcarena, 96 km away from the capital of Pará, Belém, hit last April 29, its productivity […]

Essential for the exterior, shipping advances in Brazil

This year, Brazil concluded the auction or the promotion of eight contracts in port areas. Currently, the model corresponds to 90% of all possible forms among countries. Investing in shipping is critical to becoming a strong and relevant country abroad. This year alone, the Brazilian Government has benefited or refused port investments under the Investment […]

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