We carry out technical inspections and inspections in general on board ships and on all types of vessels.


Draft Displacement Survey - Solid Bulk

Draft survey – Verification of vessel’s Draft and specific calculations of the weight of cargo on board (existent, loaded or discharged) with emission of the appropriate certificate. This calculation is necessary to quantify the diverse types of solid cargo in order to compare the weights obtained with the declared weights from shore weigh-scales or in the absence of these,

Verification of the quantity of sludge

Sludge survey – Verification by means of sounding, specific calculations and collection of samples of the quantity and nature of the product removed from on board. This determination is important because sludge must be removed from the vessel, safely, without spillage and avoids the unauthorised removal of Bunkers.

Verification of the quantity of fuel

Bunker survey – Verification by means of sounding and specific calculations of the quantity of fuel on board, and/or received, determining exactly the respective volumes and the emission of the corresponding certificate.

Holds Inspections

Holds Inspection – Inspection of vessel’sholds to verify their cleanliness and suitability to receive cargo, checking also the compatibility with the previous 3 cargoes as per the IMO standard requirements.

Vessel Inspections

On Hire/Off Hire – Verify the ship’s condition at on-hire/off-hire in order to establish damages suffered during a Time or Voyage Charter. The verification embraces the inner/outer hull/engine room, deck fittings, hold ladders, hatch covers, all navigational appliances, Certificates, accommodation etc. as well as the measurement of the quantities of fuel, lubricating oil and fresh water.



Our Risk Analysis aims to carry out a well planned operation preceded by all necessary technical studies and authorizations, so that it is developed without disruption, in an economical way and within the acceptable risk. Safety is our priority.



With extensive experience in the market we inspect Brazilian or foreign flag vessels in Jurisdictional Brazilian waters aiming at the safety of navigation, the safeguarding of human life and the prevention of pollution in the waterways.

SALVAGE MASTER (salvage of vessels or cargo at sea)

With more than 10 years of experience aboard salvage ships we provide assistance and rescue of a vessel, thing or good, in danger at sea, in ports and inland waterways.

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