Essential for the exterior, shipping advances in Brazil

This year, Brazil concluded the auction or the promotion of eight contracts in port areas. Currently, the model corresponds to 90% of all possible forms among countries.

Investing in shipping is critical to becoming a strong and relevant country abroad. This year alone, the Brazilian Government has benefited or refused port investments under the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) – one of the main ones at the Rio de Janeiro Transit Terminal, which are behind schedule by R $ 93.1 over the next few years.

With an agricultural sector responsible for exporting the country, Brazil needs port tariffs that can give way to the great production of Brazilian products, especially companies such as soy and corn.

For an idea, more than 90% of international trade is done by sea transport, according to an international association of ship operators, the International Chamber of Vessels (International Chamber of Vessels, in literal translation).

According to the entity, without this form of cargo transportation, it would be impossible to close and expand the exterior. Currently, there are more than 50 thousand merchants that do the international transport of cargoes and products.

The sea of ​​Brazil

In Brazil, an expressiveness of maritime transport also has the same proportions. Exports by sea correspond to 83.5% of the total exported by the Country, about US $ 153.2 billion from January to October. This code totaled 521 million tons exported in the period.

In imports, the relevance is similar. By October, as income is increased by $ 113.3 billion, it will be 73.6% of total purchases by the country.

Brazilian ports export the main products of our commercial commercialization: soy, soybean meal, corn, mineral products, meats, sugar, automobiles, coffee, among other consumer goods. Currently, Brazil has 34 ports and more than 100 port facilities covering 8,500 kilometers of navigable coast.

Source: Government of Brazil, with information from MDIC, ANTAQ and International Chamber of Transport and Ministry of Transport.

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