What is a container and what do you need to know about this trend

Do you know what a container is? You probably already have seen some in movies, news or even in your city being used quite irreverently in the architecture of a commercial establishment.

Containers have been in the fleet for about 10 years, and in the past, after that period, they got stuck in a “graveyard” around the world. But that has changed a lot over the years, when architecture began to take advantage of them. This is a very strong trend and has come to various branches of decoration.

Are you interested? Continue reading this article! In it, we separate the best information you need to know to get inspired and use these items in the décor.

What is a container?
The containers are species of boxes made of materials such as steel and aluminum and have extraordinary resilience to be used daily and regularly. They were invented in the 1950s and are still indispensable in maritime transport.

The structures are resistant and commonly used for the logistics of goods from large vessels between one continent and another. It is the best option for these situations, since they have large storage capacity and the sea freight is not so expensive.

What is the origin of the domestic use of containers?
The first news of the domestic use of containers was when they were used to house civilians victims of natural disasters. Earthquakes, rains and cyclones often leave countless homeless people around the world. Thus, containers were the solution found to help these people in times of need, since their adaptation and assembly is extremely fast.

But the container has surpassed the barrier of provisional use and today it is used in the domestic environment in a fixed and creative way, even transforming into super modern dwellings.

What are the types of containers?
Containers are manufactured from a standard, which means they have the same shape as a rectangle. This happens so that they can be easily organized and embedded inside the ships.

There are two types of containers that can be used in the construction of homes, offices, studios and shelters. Learn a little about them by reading below:

Common Maritime Container – “Dry”
This is the model used in shipping and is made of steel, which makes it quite resistant to corrosion. In order to acquire it it is necessary to pay a lower value than the container reefer.

In contrast, it is not manufactured with thermal and acoustic insulation. This makes it necessary to make some adjustments so that it can be used in construction.

Isothermal Container – “Refeer”
Also known as a refrigerated container, it is the one used in the transportation of frozen cargo, such as meats and sausages. Its cost is higher than the common container because it has insulation, both acoustic and thermal. In this way, it will need to undergo less adaptations than the “dry”.

What are the advantages of using it?
Opting for the use of a container in its construction brings several advantages, such as the decrease in the use of masonry, which consequently will reduce the amount of debris. In addition, we have a work that will end much faster and save natural resources. After all, it is the reuse of materials that would be discarded in the environment irresponsibly.

The low cost combined with durability are also attractive, as this design is up to 30% cheaper than the traditional one and the container has a very long shelf life. Your home will also bravely resist the inclemency of nature, such as rain and wind. Moreover, the result is a strong residence, since the original use of these objects is for something that demands much more resistance than a dwelling.

Another advantage of the use of containers in their construction is that, most of the time, it will not be necessary to invest in foundation and earthmoving of the land, with a significant reduction of time and cost of the work.

We can not forget that this solution has an excellent flexibility that the traditional construction does not have, and can be dismantled and reassembled in another terrain depending on the needs of the resident.

See how good it is to know about the new sustainable options that have appeared in the market? Now that you already know what a container is, how about investing in this super trend and, above all, helping nature?

But do not forget to hire skilled labor for the modification of containers during construction. Architects and engineers are also indispensable in this innovative endeavor to calculate where and how structure changes can be made. Do not take a chance, because cheap can be expensive!

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